Friday, May 21, 2010


I just wanted to do a quick post to explain why I have banners on my site. I know that many people getting started in photography are watching what they spend. I'm probably one of the cheapest people out there (although I'd love to buy everything). From time to time I will suggest equipment and other photography related products to purchase. These suggestions will be very carefully made. I am not paid by anyone to endorse products. If you purchase the products I link to, with the links I post, I will get a very small commission back from Amazon or Adorama. This little bit helps me to expand this blog, as I plan to use all the money from the associate program to purchase more photography stuff. Hopefully having my opinion and specific use cases for photography equipment will help you determine how to best spend your money to help you make better photos.

I have a very good day job which supports me and my family, that is why I can use this money to feed right back into the blog. Heck, if I make lots of money, maybe it can help fund some very low cost (to you, the reader) seminars.

Thanks for reading

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